Get Your Landscaping For Free*

Drought Turf Helps With All The Necessary Steps To Collect Your Water Rebates


Drought Turf / Waterfalls Etc. is now a certified partner of for water rebates.

What does this mean?

  • Get your landscaping for free.*
  • Drought Turf will input all of the information given to the water agency and/or MWD.

* All conditions vary based on contract price.  Drought Turf can not guarantee the rebate, acceptance or approval from the water agency and/or MWD.

Rebate Programs*

  • Basic – Free landscaping from your Water Agency (based on $3.00/sq ft rebate) including drip irrigation, planting, weed fabric and ground cover.
  • Enhanced – Upgrade on planting, artificial turf possibilities, decorative pebbles, rock gardens and boulder accents.
  • Premier – Additional upgrades to Enhanced program with smart controllers, LED lighting for an efficient lighting system.

These will be estimated on a per project bases.

* Rebates vary per water agency and MWD.

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